Marketplace Retail

In 2014, I converted Jancore LLC from a property maintenance service company into an online marketplace retailor.

Wholesale acquisition and retail sales of supplies and materials were fundamental to the operations of Jancore. Fortunately, I was located in Olympia, the state capital of Washington state, and utilized my experience with and proximity to local and state government to consult directly with them about domestic and international buying and selling.

As a marketplace retailor, my focus isn't on building e-commerce websites - I prefer working with marketplace facilitators to develop relationships that benefit my business and increase my access to their marketplace.

Marketplace facilitators offer advantages to buyers and sellers that self-hosted e-commerce solutions lack. Partnering with one or more marketplace facilitators is a wise choice depending on your business needs.

Because of my experience with government regulations and requirements, and marketplace facilitators, I developed a considerable interest in:

  • reseller permits and requirements
  • freight forwarding
  • parcel delivery services
  • wholesale suppliers
  • retail sales tax, customs, and duties requirements and regulations
Luckily, marketplace retail fits well into my technology consulting 'bucket' and I am happy to discuss marketplace retail topics that are of interest to your business.

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